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The Winery

Our family

The History of Our Wine


The Bellia family, originally from Scorzu00e8, moved to Lison di Portogruaro, in the Veneto region, where they ran a large sharecropping company.


Giovanni, Ennio's father, left the patriarchal family and the sharecropping. He decided to specialize in the cultivation of vines and the production of wine. Giovanni worked with passion and dedication, continuing to invest in the purchase of lands and the constant modernization of the cellar.


Ennio finished his university studies and decided to carry on the family tradition, officially joining the winery.


The introduction of new technologies, and the updating of production processes, has determined the progressive renewal of the annual work program which includes pruning and  removal of withered parts up to the harvest, vinification and refinement.


The company uses a modern and efficient bottling system that allows to improve the efficiency and the variety of formats.


The wines produced by Ennio Bellia are appreciated both in Italy and abroad. They are modern, fragrant, enjoyable to the palate and very drinkable wines.

Giovanni Belli - Vini in schiera completa
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