The wineyards
At Giovanni Bellia Winery, after generations of vine-dressers, an established heritage of experiences has little by little developed into true knowledge. Here, in the district of the D.O.C. Lison Pramaggiore (Appellation contrôlée), the estate introduces itself with the typical appeal of the quiet and restful places on the plain.

The winery was born nearly 40 years ago thanks to the householder Giovanni Bellia who identified the best lands where he could follow his vocation for vine growing and production of high quality wines.
Thanks to his love for wine and vine and to his passion for quality and work, which had always been the values he pursued, this vocation developed into a solid company.

Vineyards Glasses Vineyards

Here nothing is left to chance: the care for more than 40 ha. of vineyards, the activities in the winery, the wine-making and refinement techniques. All of this creates wines which are perfect niche products, which are not bound to any fashion and, thanks to their quality, which assure safety to the company and constancy in the public’s appreciation.